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Need an Adelaide Conveyancer?

If you’re thinking about buying, selling or sub-dividing one of your properties, it can seem a daunting task – but that’s why Zobel’s Adelaide conveyancing services are here to take care of the paperwork for you, to make sure it gets to settlement!

Perhaps you:

  • Discovered the house of your dreams
  • Have decided to sell a house
  • Want to transfer the ownership of your property
  • Have landed in Splits Ville and need to tie up some loose ends


A Zobel conveyancing specialist will:

  • Deal with your bank and broker to take care of everything – sit back and relax – we’re on it
  • Advise you on the Terms and Conditions of the Contract and what they mean to you
  • Attend to payment of all statutory charges and ensure that you receive any concessions
  • Prepare and attend to all legal documentation so that everyone is humming to the same tune
  • Be your “go-to” man (sorry, or woman) for those curly questions during and after settlement.

Bottom line – get this thing to settlement quickly, efficiently and with absolute professionalism – who could ask for more?

Contact us today and we’ll show you how much help we can be!
Why do you need a conveyancer?

Buying or selling property is only a small part of the transaction. You need someone to handle the legal paperwork efficiently and on time – this is where Zobel steps up to the plate. Remember a conveyancer will represent your interests in this, so it’s important you partner with someone who knows what they are doing!